Photographing is much about knowing the technical side of it, and i do like the geeky side of it. Knowing what aperture to use when, what shutter speed does what on each situation and so on. Don't get me started on cameras them self, knowing how to use your equipment on a right way.  but in the end -  gears are  just tools to help you capture the scene the way you wanted.

It is all bout the person behind the camera that makes and takes those pictures. First on the scene, then on the post processing.

I  enjoy the whole "process" from the planning - where, when and what i'm am going to shoot, to all the way to the "final" picture that i feel like i can show to rest of the world!  I hope you enjoy these pictures on this site and in that way being part of the photos i take.

“Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past.” – Berenice Abott

I am Sami Kohonen

A landscape  photo enthusiast. who truly enjoys finding beautiful views to photograph. I shoot mostly landscapes and seascapes. but you can also find me pointing my camera at all sort of nature  photo opportunities and cityscapes. 

For me landscape photography is all about being out there, looking for those great views and vistas to photo. Outdoor living, feeling and seeing the nature and what it offers.

Photography provides great alternative to hectic everyday life. It just takes me to whole another place when I am looking the world through that viewfinder and focusing to composition

Ice patterns form Porkkalanniemi, Finland

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